• Adam Schultz
    "In my role as a clinical outreach specialist, I help connect adolescents to care.  This can be an overwhelming process for families, in which I am trusted to make connections to quality and competent providers. Any time I refer to Keeley and her team at Evolve, I know they will provide exceptional care. I would refer my own family to this practice."
    Adam Schultz
    Outreach Specialist at Center for Families
  • Wendy Cramer
    “I refer often to the wonderful, empathic and experienced therapists at Evolve Counseling as I know that I can trust them to provide excellent therapeutic care for patients with eating disorders who have graduated from our treatment programs and need ongoing outpatient therapy.  Having worked with most of the staff for many years when they also worked at The Renfrew Center, I know that they are very skilled in treating patients with eating disorders, as well as depression, anxiety and trauma, which has made Evolve an excellent and dependable resource for our patients and their families on the Main Line.”
    Wendy Cramer
    Senior Professional Relations Representative at The Renfrew Center
  • Katie Cornwall, RDN, LDN
    “As a Registered Dietitian, I love having a practice that has clinicians who are well versed in mental health specialties to refer to but can work exceptionally well with clients who have disordered eating. Evolve Counseling houses some of my favorite therapists who can navigate the bigger picture of wellness from a therapeutic lens. Evolve Counseling clinicians are warm, inviting and conducive to working with other specialties to make a clients' course of mental health treatment inclusive and more meaningful.”
    Katie Cornwall, RDN, LDN
    Senior Registered Dietitian at Balanced Nutrition LLC
  • Renee Todd, LCSW
    “Working in collaboration with Keeley Seymour and her clinicians at Evolve Counseling has truly enhanced the clinical care of our mutual clients. As a clinician, I know Evolve is always ready to consult on the best course of action to produce the most positive outcome for a client. Additionally, Keeley and her staff clearly strive to be on the leading edge of the latest developments in the field. They are truly a committed, client-centered practice and I would not hesitate to refer a family member or friend to Evolve for care!"
    Renee Todd, LCSW
    Therapist at Eagleview Counseling
  • Lizzy McCarron
    “After knowing, working with and collaborating with the therapists that own Evolve Counseling for an excess of 10 years, I can confidently say they are one of the most well rounded and reliable group practices for teens on the Main Line.  They are responsive, versatile, highly experienced and dependable both as professionals and people.  Any time one of our clinicians sends a client along to Evolve for outpatient care, I am encouraged because I know they will be receiving excellent care.”
    Lizzy McCarron
    Director of Center for Families