• Lindsay
    “I started coming to Evolve as soon as it opened. It’s a very comfortable and welcoming environment. A safe space for me to be fully vulnerable without judgment. Jen has helped me navigate through the different phases in my life and has been by my side throughout my struggles with bulimia, depression, and anxiety. She celebrates every victory with me, big or small, and has helped me continually grow as an individual. Her genuine care and concern for my well-being and growth are truly authentic.”
  • Casie
    “I have been fortunate to participate in multiple services at Evolve Counseling, both through different groups that are offered along with individual services. Evolve has created a safe and supportive environment that has allowed me to grow and continue to work on myself and my mental health. The best part is that I don’t do it alone. Evolve therapists walk alongside me and meet where I am. I highly recommend their practice and I trust in their skills.”
  • Anonymous
    "Best therapist ever! I'd been to therapy before, and after 4 therapists, I assumed talking to a therapist didn't work for me. Alaina was highly recommended by a family friend. I reluctantly agreed to see her, assuming it wouldn't work. It's been 4 months since I started therapy with Alaina. I still have a way to go, but I'm doing much better than when I started, thanks to her. I finally feel heard and understood. Alaina takes the time to understand what makes me tick to tailor the sessions and solutions that work for me. She doesn't try to label me/my condition and just treats the condition and me."
  • Christine
    "I am thankful to have Annie Baker as my therapist. She truly cares for me as an individual, and she genuinely applies her knowledgeable expertise to connect with my life experiences. She has helped me to find a purposeful journey in my life ahead."
  • Lizzy McCarron
    “After knowing, working with and collaborating with the therapists that own Evolve Counseling for an excess of 10 years, I can confidently say they are one of the most well rounded and reliable group practices for teens on the Main Line.  They are responsive, versatile, highly experienced and dependable both as professionals and people.  Any time one of our clinicians sends a client along to Evolve for outpatient care, I am encouraged because I know they will be receiving excellent care.”
    Lizzy McCarron
    Director of Center for Families
  • Grace
    "Keeley understands like no one else. When I am at my lowest, she is always there to listen and talk me through my troubles. I am so grateful to have met such an amazing person. “
  • Lisa K-T
    “Having my daughter work with Keeley was a blessing in her recovery from her eating disorder. She helped her gain balance, perspective, awareness, and most importantly a path to recovery and health. I would not hesitate to recommend Evolve counseling to anyone in need of assistance and am so grateful for their help.”
    Lisa K-T
  • Christina
    "Keeley was a great match for my daughter. She helped her through a difficult year.  I highly recommend Evolve counseling services. My daughter found the providers to be helpful and caring. Evolve provided a caring comfortable and safe environment for our daughter. Many thanks to Keeley Seymour for helping our daughter navigate a difficult year."